My first renovation was in 1981 when a home near the college in Anderson, SC had been condemned. The neighbors were happy to see this eyesore gone. It was going to cost $6,000 to tear it down and I offered to buy it for the same price. I restored it to become the gem of the neighborhood. I have always had more vision than sense. Just the same the stories turn out to be creative, usually fun, and most of the time profitable.

It was during this time I fell in love with creating homes and neighborhoods that emphasized character and community. Location always came first and as important the community ’next door’ to my future vision. I have “rescued” many homes since then, developed mini-farms with 40 farms in over a hundred acres of rolling hills, neighborhood redevelopment

and restored commercial buildings downtown. The more invested I became, the more I fell in love with what I called creating rather than developing.

Location, love of the land and how homes would neighbor with nature, sound financial investments for homeowners. Buy in areas with small supply and large demand. It has served us well. Win/Win for all is the only path I know.

Back in those days my trusty yellow lab, Yellow Dog, would roam the hills and woods of Upstate South Carolina in my 1979 yellow pick up truck that my husband Keith bought just for this purpose. We would bounce clients up and down with me pointing out where the road would go or the land their house might ’grow’ from. By the time we moved to Charleston in 2001, my ideas had grown big about spaces being small. I had come into the realization that if you live in a city or small community, then live carefully on your space.

For the very same reason, I created my first mini-farm community for a traditional, walking, “know your neighbor” place to live. I learned that in cities you can do the same with less space. So now I am devoted to learning, building and creating the best urban homes with the most beautiful parks and green space and offering areas where you can ride, walk and converse within minutes.

I am in the middle of my “Story” in Village Park. The magic has only begun. Please visit Village Park and see if you too are ready for a special place to call home.

a charming pocket neighborhood

in the Heart of mt Pleasant



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Randall Sandin